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Alberghi Diffusi National Association welcomes you on our new official website, where you can find all the information you need about the Albergo Diffuso concept, from its definition as a “made in Italy” innovative hospitality model to the news about the ADI association, browsing among the different hotels that took part in the initiative.

Starting today the webpages about the Alberghi Diffusi feature new sections, including “Location Storytellers” where the soul of that particular Albergo Diffuso is represented by its hotelier, guiding you through the territory like no one else can.

The Albergo Diffuso is a recent concept in Italy and Europe, tracing back to the idea of using restored houses for tourism with the funds allotted after the earthquake in Friuli region (1976). This hospitality model was developed by tourism marketing professor Giancarlo Dall’Ara. It was then formally acknowledged in Sardinia with a specific regulation in 1998.

The continuous diffusion of “albergo diffuso” is due to the growing concern about sustainability and respect for the environment in the travel industry.

In reference to the wider concept of “Scattered Hospitality”, the natural location of an “albergo diffuso” can be found in little historical towns or countryside and mountain villages. In the case of peculiar locations, different types of hotels are also associated.

(source: Lombardy Region Guidelines for the implementation of the regional regulation on hotel classification)

Italy’s Scattered Hotels Rescuing Post-Pandemic Travel And Beyond

Grazie a Rebecca Ann Hughes siamo di nuovo sul magazine Forbes! “President and founder of the Alberghi Diffusi association Giancarlo Dall’Ara explains that at the heart of the scattered hotel concept is its interaction with small village communities. A scattered hotel is defined by creating visitor accommodation by reusing and restructuring existing houses, which must […]

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Effetto Albergo Diffuso

L’Associazione Nazionale Alberghi Diffusi ha da poco concluso un accordo di partnership con AirBnB per lo sviluppo del turismo rurale e dei Borghi. Una iniziativa che è parte di un percorso di sviluppo straordinario, iniziato con il riconoscimento della CNN che nel mese di gennaio 2021 ha definito l’albergo diffuso “The perfect Covid-era hotel”. L’articolo […]

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Via Pieve di Sant Apollinare 32, 06081 Assisi - (Perugia)
Licenza: Agriturismo

Situato a mezza costa, alla stessa altitudine di Assisi, Maggiori informazioni

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Albergo diffuso Cetara

Cetara (SA) C.so Federici 23 cap 84010 Costiera Amalfitana
Licenza: Albergo diffuso e affittacamere

Ai piedi del Monte Falerno, sorge CETARA, uno dei paesi Maggiori informazioni

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