The Albergo Diffuso Model

For those who do not love staying at a hotel, an Albergo Diffuso is the right balance between a hotel and a house. Its components are “scattered” in different buildings within the same urban area. “Scattered” indicates a horizontal structure as opposed to the vertical one, typical of condo-like traditional hotels.

The Albergo Diffuso is the right idea for people who are interested in staying in an elegant urban environment together with its residents (instead of other tourists) and it includes regular hotel services such as room service or restaurant. An Albergo Diffuso is the best idea to promote hamlets or towns with historical centres of great artistic and architectural interest. This way old neglected buildings can be readapted to host tourists thus also reducing new construction initiatives.
(G. Dall’Ara, Un pó casa ed un pó albergo, “I Viaggi di Repubblica”, May 15th, 2003)

“Hospitality models recognized by ADI.”

a) Paese Albergo – (Village Hotel)

This category belongs to the Albergo Diffuso one, but it relates to a whole historical centre or even country, through a hospitality network (rooms, houses, bars, restaurants), reception services and common spaces for all guests. Everything is available to the tourists through a centralized booking service, with no unified management. (Dall’Ara). It is not a hotel, but a “Hospitality Network” integrating some services but leaving the single operators independent. According to a resolution by the Sardinia Regional Council (n.28/26 on July 26th, 2007), a Paese Albergo is defined at art. 30 as “Hospitality operator network established through collaboration agreements between individuals who may or may not be entrepreneurs. The reception activity must be carried out in collaboration, with no unified management, in order to provide accomodation and other services in multiple buildings throughout a relevant part of a residential area, in accordance to the requirements of the Regional Council”.

b) Residence Diffuso – Scattered Residence

It is defined as a “Non-hotel reception structure providing accomodation in more than one residential units. They are provided with reception and assistance services, located in one town and integrated by the centralized reception desk” (Dall’Ara). It is a non-hotel reception structure characterized by a centralized booking system and by basic reception and assistance services.

c)Albergo Diffuso di campagna – Country Albergo Diffuso

Regulated by Molise Region according to ADI’s suggestion, the countryside scattered hotel is a real Albergo Diffuso, operating in the countryside instead of villages.

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